Welcome to JetTex Acidizing

At JetTex, we realize our customers expect a quality job performed in a timely and efficient manner. We choose to raise the bar and consistently and safely provide superior customer service and bring excellence to the oil and gas industry. When JetTex is on the job, expect nothing less than the best.


Our Services

We provide only the highest quality products and services and continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Acidizing Serving Texas and southern Oklahoma, we specialize in acidizing gas wells, oil wells, and saltwater disposal wells. Read more →
Pressure Pumping JetTex has pressure pumping units ranging from 500-1000hp, plus transports and pump trucks up to 5400 gal. capacity. Read more →
Transport We pride ourselves on flawless and timely delivery while maintaining an exemplary safety record throughout the company. Read more →